Ready, Set, Release: Hitting the Bullseye on your Marketing Campaign

18 Jul Ready, Set, Release: Hitting the Bullseye on your Marketing Campaign

Olympic Gold Medalist and professional archer, Rod White, once said in an interview, that his key to success wasn’t a natural gift, but persistent perfection of his form. After that, he let accuracy take care of itself. 

If there’s one thing professional athletes know, it’s that a tried and true routine is king.

Having a distinct routine allows athletes to better focus; and by creating tangible goals, they are able to build up a performance, which, to outsiders, seems effortless. For business owners, a focused approach is just as paramount.

Strategically planning your routine allows you to successfully target your customers, while building your marketing to be consistently successful. If haven’t identified your target market, yet, start off by following these easy steps!


Step #1: Perfect Your Stance

After successfully determining the who of your target market, your next step is to realize that an open mind may be your most powerful marketing tool. The fact is that the rules don’t always apply.
And as you’re navigating today’s world of business, you’ll see that many traditional methods are now obsolete. With the introduction of social media, 
inbound marketing, and every generation of consumers responding at a more rapid pace of engagement, make sure you do the research on your target market, before reaching out to them. This will keep you from making unnecessary investments in marketing that flops, and will save you valuable time to invest in other areas of your business. Researching where best to reach your target market takes on many different forms.

For instance, if your target market is ages 30-49 years old, then you might want to consider social media marketing on the platform LinkedIn since that primary demographic falls in its age bracket.
When it comes down to it, do what feels natural and comfortable for you, your company, and your customer.

KEY: Don’t get stuck on the conventional method. It’s your own unique stance that will set you apart, and allow you to succeed.


Step #2: Loosen Your Grip

Reaching your target market means taking the time to realize that flexibility is key. While you may have a specific audience targeting in mind, starting off, you may need to change course when you proceed into the planning stages. Small businesses often become adopted by target markets they may not have set out to reach. But having the open-mindedness to accept those markets could prove invaluable. Don’t be afraid to do research and ask questions from your customers – see what brought them to your company.

KEY: Being tight-fisted degrades accuracy. While doing research for who your customer is, make sure you have an open mind.


Step #3: Prep Yourself

You’ve done your research and you’ve aligned your sight with your target market. Now it’s time to mentally start getting ready to release your well planned out marketing strategies to your customer. But, don’t get ahead of yourself and start marketing quite yet. Remember, this is the mental preparation stage and a common mistake is to release a marketing strategy before double checking your stance.

Make sure that your marketing is aligned with the size and capabilities of your company. If your plan is to go directly after top clients of a Fortune 500 company, you may want to rethink your strategy. Remember: marketing is a process of continual, and often gradual, growth. Starting out at a manageable rate will allow you to develop patterns of consistency that will allow you ultimately succeed.

KEY: Biting off more than you’re capable of, as a startup, is the kiss of death. Remember that successful marketing is a progression and builds by frequently repeated and improved practices.  


Step #4: Establish Your Anchor

Strategies without well thought out plans rarely succeed. Draw up an actionable plan that goes beyond your initial marketing campaign. What will you be doing in the future to keep yourself on the same track of audience targeting? What will you be doing to improve and evolve over the next week? What about next month or even next year? These are all great questions to have settled before launching your campaign.

KEY: Creating a detailed and well thought out marketing plan, for the future, allows you to succeed beyond the present.


Step #5: Aim

Now that you’ve established who your target market is, and how you can properly reach them, it’s time for you to take aim.

With the knowledge that you’ve gathered through research and a strategic plan for how to maintain your marketing after your initial launch, you should be well on your way to hitting on target!

The key with this marketing style is for you to continue to follow the steps and habits that you’ve created for yourself, consistently. This not only creates company culture, but it allows employees to feel connected to an understanding of how to succeed, or what to tweak, in the future.

KEY: With a fully planned out marketing strategy, don’t be afraid to bring others onboard (and get them excited!). Remember that communication is key! 


Step #6: Release

The way you release your marketing campaign can make or break it, but being aware of this already puts you ahead. Double checking your audience targeting and marketing strategies and spending a little extra time on the specifics can save you both time and energy in the long run.

Once you are certain that everything is set in place, release your marketing campaign and watch your hard work pay off!

KEY: Move forward confidently and consistently, knowing that you have a plan of action. If you choose to change some aspects of it, after you get feedback, it will be easy because of the previous steps you’ve taken to ensure the overall efficiency.


Step #7: Follow Through

Congratulations! You’ve successfully launched a marketing campaign to your target market and it went beautifully! Bullseye! Now that you’ve launched your first wildly successful campaign, maintain composure and look over the results of your hard work. Running immediate analytics on your campaign, can be a key to successfully moving forward. Take daily examinations of your campaign, learn who it’s interacting with it, and what you could do to keep it moving forward. If you’re looking for resources to take your marketing to the next level, check out our resources on competitor analysis, as well.

KEY: Keep a close watch on your marketing campaign after you’ve launched it. While initial success may be exciting, nothing is more rewarding than seeing that success stretch the length of time.

One of the biggest keys to success, when it comes to finding and successfully reaching your target market, is creating and recording a process that works the best for your company and your company’s culture. By maintaining a core structure which can be updated and improved on you instill strategies which make future marketing campaigns that much easier. So go and celebrate! You’ve earned it and we’ll be here to party with you, as you continue on your road to marketing success!

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