Author: Alexis Tylor

06 Nov Interns: Why You Need Them And How To Get Started

how to hire an intern

As a business owner, you've probably briefly entertained the idea of hiring an intern.  However, the process of actually offering an internship can seem a bit overwhelming for a smaller company without a team of lawyers and HR specialists to set the program up.  You’re probably expecting this next line to read “the good news is it’s quite simple.” While that’d be a great way to rope you in, the truth is that hiring an intern isn’t as simple as posting a ‘want ad’ in your local college newspaper or on Craiglist.  Stick with us, and we'll tell you exactly how to hire...

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26 Oct Thinking Inside the Box: How to Start a Subscription Box Business

Start a Subscription Box

In 2010 a little company known as Birchbox started offering customers a box of beauty-related goodies that they could have delivered to their doorstep once a month for a small fee. Five years and about 800,000 worldwide subscribers later, Birchbox has become wildly successful and the subscription box business model was created.  Since then the industry has exploded.  These days you don’t have to look further than your social media feed or your television to hear about the newest box being offered. It seems like you can get everything from paleo-friendly goodies to STEM projects for your kids delivered on a monthly...

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22 Oct 9 Essentials for Accepting Credit Card Payments Online

Processing Payments on your Website

Question: When was the last time you wrote a check (a real, physical check) to pay for something that wasn't rent? If you're like most consumers, the answer is probably somewhere between "Maybe a few weeks ago?" and "I can't even remember." Which brings us to our second question: When was the last time you paid for something online? Chances are the time frame for this answer is closer to "this morning" or "yesterday." In today's increasingly mobile world, consumers are expecting businesses to offer the convenience of paying for products and services online. They would much rather be able to go to...

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19 Oct SumIf, VLOOKUP and Pivot Tables: 10 Powerful Excel Tools for Business Owners

Excel Tips for Business Owners

Excel is one of those business tools that you either absolutely love or you tolerate because it's useful for making lists or tracking information. Truth be told, most people, from business owners to teenagers, fall into the latter category. Sure, you felt like a programming genius when you figured out the AVERAGE formula but you’re only using a fraction of its true potential because there’s simply too much to learn and who has time for that? Well, we want to help you take your Excel game to the next level. We've compiled 10 of our favorite shortcuts, formulas and tools that...

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12 Oct 7 Productivity Apps to Take you from Busy to Productive

Productivity Apps to take you from Busy to Productive

Don't mistake movement for achievement. It's easy to get faked out by being busy. The question is: Busy doing What?" –Jim Rohn   Have you ever had a day where it felt like you were going non-stop from the time you woke up until your head hit the pillow that night?  As a business owner, you're probably nodding your head and remembering that you've had more than one day like that in just the last week. Here's a second question for you then: How much did you actually get done? Before you answer, really sit and think.  Did you get everything on your to-do...

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26 Sep Adventures in Small Business Bookkeeping, Episode 1: “The Box”

bookkeeping paperwork help

Do you have one? You know the one we're talking about. Usually it starts off shoebox-size and eventually multiplies or grows into a larger box. Normally “The Box” is stuffed full of receipts  — sometimes categorized and sometimes just shoved in haphazardly. This box normally lives in a desk drawer or next to a monitor and once a month (or once a week, if you're really on top of things) more bits of paper get added to the growing collection. Then, once a year that box gets taken out and you (or your accountant) are faced with the daunting task...

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