17 Nov Why You Need to be Worried About Revenue and Profits

Financial literacy is one of the key success tools to building a strong business. But, if you're confused about how to run the financial side of your business, you're not alone. In fact, a 2014 study showed that lack of business knowledge led to avoiding financial statements — which resulted in 86% of the surveyed businesses having overall financial difficulties. Not understanding the numbers, or the right terminology, can cost you time and money—or just leave you feeling frustrated and uncertain of which direction your business is going. The good news is that you can take steps in the right direction now, simply...

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17 Aug How Focusing On Profits Can Harm Your Startup

Balancing your finances can be a super-sized task for just about any business owner. But knowing what to focus on can save you valuable time and money. The first step in evaluating your business' finances is to check your cash flow. While it might be tempting to take a peek at your profits first, those won’t be the most helpful numbers. Why is cash flow important? When it comes down to it, being a profitable business does not inherently mean that your startup is in the financial safe zone. And while your profits do have an important role, being able to manage your business'...

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27 Apr 5 Small Business Tax Myths

small business tax myths

Let’s imagine a world where taxes take care of themselves, and small business owners never have to worry about navigating the jungle that is tax season. It would be nice, wouldn’t it? Unfortunately, that isn’t a reality likely to happen anytime soon. Small businesses, and the taxes that are tied to them, aren’t going to go away. But there’s good news, too! Even if you’re not sure where to get started with taxes for your small business, choosing to face them head-on can be the first step to successfully moving forward. To kick things off, try avoiding these five small business...

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21 Mar How to Automate Your Bookkeeping

automate your bookkeeping

Tax season. The time of year when small business owners everywhere realize their mistake in putting off their bookkeeping; the stress, the late nights, the scramble to get things pulled together in time - sound familiar? The financial side of running a business can get a bad reputation. And we totally get it—nobody likes staying up until 4AM buried in a desk full of receipts. But if nothing more than the growth of your company sparked your interest the last time you checked your finances, it’s definitely time we talked about your bookkeeping. Thankfully, we live in an age where technology not...

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