21 Festive Ideas That Will Surprise Your Customers

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19 Dec 21 Festive Ideas That Will Surprise Your Customers

‘Tis the season for everything festive!

We’re big on celebrating, here at SimpleKeep, and what better way to do that than to celebrate customers?

This holiday season we’re thinking big, small, and creative when it comes to sending a ‘thank you’ out into the world. We’d love for you to join us in this season of building, connecting, and giving back to your community.

Ready for the fun to start? Here are our 21 customer appreciation gift ideas for you to spoil, impress, and delight your customers this holiday season.


Write Your Thanks

In today’s fast-paced world, a personalized message can go a long way. Taking the time to individually thank your customers is a great way to make them feel valued, while helping you build a stronger community as well. Try these options to impress your customers:

1. Handwritten Letters

Don’t overthink it. Pull together a pile of ‘Forever’ stamps, a pen and some nice stationary and take a couple of minutes to say ‘thanks’ to your customers.

Hint: Heavier paper makes more of an impact.

2. Send a Card on a Unique Holiday

Want to add some fun to your notes? Try sending out recognition on holidays that don’t get as much love. Try a ‘great job’ for Groundhog Day or a ‘very merry unbirthday’ card to put a smile on someone’s face. You can also try celebrating Customer Service Week. Not sure what to write? Check out these fun options.

3. Thanks via Email

If it comes down to it, an email can also be an option for thanking customers. You’ll want to be sure you send personalized emails and take the time to mention specifics when you’re drafting emails. Try throwing in a mention about their new baby or personalize it with a fun fact about the type of pet they own.


Post Your Thanks on Social Media

Social media is a great way to connect with your customers. Rather than doing something private, like writing a personalized letter, social media lets you shout out customers to your followers. Whether you’re sharing on just one channel or posting on your website, show your appreciation with some social media love.

4. Post a Shout-Out

From Twitter to Facebook, social media is a great way to connect with your customers. You might not know them in person, but that doesn’t mean you can’t send some appreciation their way. If you know their Twitter handle, give them a shout out. Tag them on Facebook. Highlight them on your website. Remember to keep these messages lighthearted and fun. Your goal is to leave them with a smile.

5. Reward Interactions

If you’re a physical business, then you can ‘shout out’ to customers who check in when at your location.

This will encourage interactions online with your customers, while giving you a great opportunity to say ‘thank you.’ You’ll want to remind your customers to ‘check in‘ when they’re at your shop.

6. Create Engagement Opportunities

Books are a great gateway to conversations. Get the convo started by hosting a book club and offering free books to customers who jump onboard. A great way to tie this in with your business is to use books that are reflective of your company culture. You’ll also want to make sure that you write a personalized ‘thank you’ on the inside of each of the books.


Offer Your Thanks With a Reward

Most people like free things. And offering free incentives and promotions can be a great way of celebrating your customers this holiday season. From discounts to VIP promotions, there are so many ways to get creative with customer appreciation gift ideas. Try out one (or more) of these ideas to get the party started.

7. Exclusive Promotions

Keep your customers happy with a personalized note that will save them a few extra dollars. You should make sure these are limited time offers (bragging rights for those who get them), and that they aren’t valid with any other offers. Exclusivity is everything.

8. Reward for Signing Up

Everybody wins when you get more customers involved in your business’ community. Think of sending out a reward for your email list, such as a white paper or coupon. Again, make sure that this is exclusive.

9. Red Carpet Treatment

If you have a brick and mortar location, velvet rope promotions are another great way to reward your loyal customers. Try hosting an after hours event that is by invitation only. Provide drinks, snacks, music and create an environment where customers can have a few extra hours of shopping and hanging out.

10. Ship for Free

Don’t underestimate the little things. Offering free shipping, and delivering orders with a quick note (see above) can be the perfect ‘thank you’ during the holiday season.

11. Offer Mini Classes

Knowledge is power, so why not pump your customers up with a free mini-session about an aspect of your business? Whether it’s having a speaker or expert come in, or doing something more hands-on, this is a great way to interact with your customers and build a stronger community.

12. Offer Treats

If you’re looking for a way to both surprise and delight your customers as well as try out some new products, try sliding some samples in with your orders. You can also add little treats (especially if you aren’t selling a physical product) like cookies, healthy snacks or even treats for four-legged friends.

13. Host a Raffle

As another way to say thanks, offer a way for customers to enter a raffle, whether online or at your store, so they can feel like they’re a part of your company. Whether you’re offering some merchandise or a gift card, this is a festive way for you to celebrate while simultaneously getting customers to sign up for your email list.


Give Away to Show Your Thanks

So you’ve decided to do a giveaway, but what should you give? Don’t overthink it. There are so many options for free giveaways that are sure to brighten the days of just about any customer. Make sure that the gift fits the customer, and then give the gift that keeps on giving.

14. Ebooks

Have some info that could help your customers with their everyday problems? Maybe some posts that have done really well for your blog? Or maybe just some funny stories. Share that knowledge by gifting E-books to not only current customers and customers, but the public, as well.

15. Ecards

Ready to light up someone’s Monday (or any other day of the week)? Send along a funny e-card via a site like Eco2Greetings to spread some cheer and let them know they’re part of your team.

16. MP3s

This one should definitely not be an ad for your company, but it’s a great way to have a special audio message shared with your customers. Especially if you already have audio, or even a podcast, that you’d love to get more people involved in.

17. Video

Giving away a video (DVD or as a download on your website), again, is not a self-promotional act, but should be something that customers can use. Think of this as a way to pass on information in a format that could be used as entertainment or in a training.


Volunteer to Show Your Thanks

Giving back is one of the best customer appreciation gift ideas a company can use to bring customers onboard with its culture. If you’re looking for a cause to give back to, this holiday season, be sure to include your customers in the planning process. You can also have them get involved with helping out. Here are some ways for you to give back to the community, while thanking your own.

18. Donate

Showing your thanks and getting customers involved with humanitarian efforts can be a really great way to bring together the community surrounding your business.

Take a page from the notorious game, Cards Against Humanity, which has involved its community in several measures to give back, including raising $100,000.00 this last Thanksgiving weekend…by digging a hole.

It’s something you kind of need to explore to understand.

19. Proceeds to Charity

Holding a sale where the proceeds go directly to a chosen charity is also a great way to involve customers in a unified effort to support your larger community. The key to this effort is for you to let your customers know well in advance that you’ll be putting all of the profits toward that cause.

For inspiration, take a peek at Patagonia‘s last Black Friday promotion, when they donated 100% of their sales to environmental causes.

20. Volunteer

You’ll definitely want to let your customers know they’re invited to participate with you as you engage with a charity or cause. You can donate to a food drive, gift drive or other holiday cause and open up involvement to whoever wants to join. Don’t forget to jump on your social media to chat about it.

21. Discounts for Donations

Think of this as a spin on matching donations. You can offer a coupon, or percentage off, for customers who give back to the community; making the experience not only fun, but a great way to keep customers coming back with a smile.

Whatever you’re doing to celebrate the holidays with your business, we wish you all the best in keeping things fun and fantastic. Remember to get creative with how you give back. After all, there isn’t only one right way to give and you know your customers and your business the best. Have fun, and let us know your own customer appreciation gift ideas in the comments section below.

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