5 Ways To Build A More Productive Workspace

05 Jan 5 Ways To Build A More Productive Workspace

As a business owner, investing in your company starts with investing in the home front. This means building an environment where you and your employees can thrive. Taking the time to create this space is well worth the effort, as the end results can produce higher levels of productivity, staff loyalty and better client interactions.

While you may be at a loss for how to start creating this haven of productivity for your business, the first step is to assess what you’re working with. There may not be an exact formula for creating a space that’s as unique as your business, but there are some principles that apply no matter what that space may be.

Start building an aesthetically pleasing workplace by laying these foundational stones, and creating a space that is a five-star destination for employee success.

1. Reproduce Positive Aesthetics of Productive Places

For most, there are places where individual work productivity is much higher; and, chances are, it’s not their traditional workspace. These spaces may be a coffee shop, or may be a home office environment. Whatever it may be, there are aspects that can be recreated in your business to recreate the same productivity.

As a start, take a look around your office space and see if there are softer light improvements that can be added, or whether the space itself could be more welcoming by using the principles of color psychology. An example of this would be to add warmer colors and a more relaxing tone, to allow employees to focus in an at-ease environment.

Another way to create a more welcoming office space is to hide, or remove the “at work” aspects. Try concealing cords and other wires that may be protruding out from workspaces. Try some of these creative ideas to take your office to the next level!

2. Capitalize on More Than the Visual

Creating a productive workplace doesn’t stop with the visual aspects of the space. Remember to capitalize on other senses, as well, to make your space more productive.

Build your office community, while setting the mood by choosing a work-friendly playlist that will allow your employees to feel productive and alert at work. Allowing for feedback from the entire office also allows employees to feel more connected to the workspace, itself.

While lighting and colors in your office might affect the visual aesthetics, try setting your office at a temperature which allows for employees to productively work. Most employees are comfortable working within 71 to 77 degrees temperature; however, allowing for discussion around the most productive temperature for your workspace can also allow for higher productivity.

3. Encourage Personalization for Employees

While there are, of course, restrictions for how personalized a workspace can be, allowing employees to express their individuality can be beneficial to all. Having personalized aspects of a workplace allow employees to feel ownership of their space, and simultaneously creates a more productive space for the business, as a whole.

Smaller, but none the less impactful, personalization can include using creative ways to organize employee space or adding plants or small fish.

Another way is to allow for employees to ergonomically maximize their individual space. This can include allowing different seating options, such as having a standing desk or an exercise ball rather than having a traditional seat and desk set-up.

4. Create a Comfortable and Safe Feeling Space

Studies show that employees who feel safe are more productive, and that safety extends from physical safety to safety in voicing communication in their office. Adding in small measures, such as a whiteboard where staff ideas can be listed and discussed is a great way to build a community feel to your office, while encouraging communication within your work space.

5. Have a Relaxation or Step-Away Work Space

While you may already have some kind of lunch or break room, turning this area into a space where employees can really step away from their work and relax can improve productivity, overall. If there is additional space that’s available, creating a noise reducing space may also increase productivity. Especially in more contemporary workspaces, where communal work structure is key, having these spaces available for specific project use can allow for employees to maximize their work. Using the above suggestions to turn this space into a place of retreat will not only allow employees to step away from screen time, but will allow for better overall focus throughout the day.

Building a more productive workspace starts with capitalizing on foundational principles. While it may initially seem like a daunting task, the overall benefits are well worth the investment and the best part is that you can start small and reap big rewards.

Take your space to the next level, and remember something as small as color or what is being used to organize your office supplies really can have a lasting impact on your business productivity.

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    Posted at 12:40h, 09 January Reply

    Great article! Love the practical points made. Will definitely be taking these principles with me in my future endeavors!

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